Racer Classic Car Wash has some really good people working at each location. All of my visits have been great. Your company puts the customers first and it shows because of the care and speed that Racer puts towards every vehicle.


- Thomas Morgan


The guys at Racer Classic Car Wash were friendly and great at their job. I never doubted that y'all were the best car wash here, but it's little things like this that make a customer loyal. Thanks!


- Lelsey Chapa




The time and effort put into my truck every time I'm at Racer Classic Car Wash is definitely noticeable. Most company's business models includes making a profit and making the customer happy. I feel your employees demonstrate just that.


- Clint Porter

I just moved from Lubbock to Midland and car washes are just not the same! I really miss Racer Classic! Please build in Midland!!!


- Alyssa Bowden

Seriously impressed! I needed a wash and a light detailing on my work truck. The workers at 4th and Frankford did more and at a great price. This is the first letter I have ever written and I did so because Racer delivered the goods on my truck. In the words of Douglas MacArthur, "I shall return." Furthermore, I'm going to send my friends!


- Dan Chrestman

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